Our Premier Program Free of Charge 

During the coronavirus pandemic & in times of community crises we support you by offering this acclaimed international program free of charge to help boost your energy, resilience and mental health.

In just 30 minutes, you will learn short calming breathing techniques, and then schedule a time at your convenience to learn the powerful SKY Breathing technique online live, with a trained facilitator.

These evidence-based techniques have been shown in over 70 peer-reviewed studies to increase immune cells, reduce stress, and improve sleep and well-being.

Experience Sharing

"I have long been searching for a way to focus and calm my mind in highly stressful situations.

I finally found it in the SKY breathing technique.

I now have a disciplined morning practice to start my day in the right frame of mind, full of energy but in a calm state, so I can focus on taking care of my patients.

My job is to induce anaesthesia and take care of that person for the duration of their surgery, so staying focused for long periods while caring for their needs is of utmost importance.

Doing my SKY breathing technique daily has definitely helped with this."

- Dr Sean Oberholzer, Anaesthetist, Bunbury Hospital, Western Australia